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We Invite You to Make a Difference

Volunteers help Ritter Center prevent homelessness and serve those who are living in poverty or homeless in Marin County. We have a large and dedicated group of volunteers, without whom we could not accomplish everything that we do.

We invite you to get involved

Even a few hours here and there can make a big difference. We have opportunities for volunteers to work directly with our clients, as well helping with fundraising, outreach, and general administrative tasks. If you are interested in learning more about volunteering at Ritter Center, please call Shaun Marshall, Services and Volunteer Coordinator at: 415-457-8182 x109.

Current Volunteer Opportunities


We need volunteers to help provide low-income, seniors, disabled, homeless, and at risk people in the community with weekly supplemental food grocery assistance. Ritter Center on average feeds 350 people per week at our food pantry.


• Help put away the daily pantry order
• Assist in stocking shelves, bagging up bulk fruits and vegetables, and breaking down materials
• Help with the distribution of pantry food directly to clients

An orientation is required, and training will be provided. Volunteers will gain experience in helping run a community food pantry as well as in working with many diverse people in the community. In addition, volunteers will learn the value of working as a team to meet a common goal of providing needed food to the community.

Working in the food pantry requires casual dress. Usually, jeans and a t-shirt are best. It is safer to wear closed toes shoes, since things may get dropped in transit.


The Ritter Center needs your help connecting men, women and families who are homeless with housing! For many individuals and families, one of the biggest barriers is being able to find housing quickly and then communicating with landlords effectively. Many of these clients are single parents and/or low-income, despite working multiple jobs.

Many individuals feel frustrated and discouraged, and are unable to relate to landlords. By assisting them with this process, you will be helping them overcome these challenges. This involves searching for available rental units, helping them prepare for landlord interviews, and sorting out the required documentation. Each case will be unique, so please bring your problem-solving skills, compassion and perseverance to this critical process of connecting someone who is homeless with housing. You will work closely with our case management team.


• Aid clients in the search for available rental units, including looking on Craigslist or contacting property management companies
• Help clients create a script for talking with landlords
• Discuss appropriate attire and presentation when doing a housing search
• Assist with preparing required documentation
• Provide support with pre & post move-in needs, including budgeting
• Maintain the confidentiality of all clients at Ritter Center
• Communicate with our case management team to provide updates


• Basic computer skills
• Good communication skills
• Basic interviewing skills and ability to “coach” clients for landlord interviews
• Ability to set the proper tone and working relationship with clients

An orientation is required, and training will be provided. The ideal applicant will have some professional experience, as well as the ability to relate to and empathize with clients. The ideal volunteer will be able to come into Ritter Center for a few hours twice a month. Times and days may vary.


The Ritter Center is looking for motivated volunteers to help connect some of our clients with employment opportunities. For many, finding full-time work is an essential step on the path to stable housing. However, going through the application process can be extremely frustrating and discouraging. By helping individuals find employment opportunities and assisting with resume building and communication skills, you are teaching people how to become self-reliant.


Assist individuals in preparing resumes
Help make phone calls
Aid in the job search
Help individuals prepare for job interviews, including performing mock interviews
Assist our case management department in coordinating logistics, such as job applications and rides to interviews


Some experience working in a professional setting
Basic computer skills, knowledge of how to navigate Craigslist
Communication skills, regarding how to communicate with potential employers
Basic interviewing skills, and the ability to “coach” clients in mock interviews
Ability to set the proper tone with the client, and be responsive to client’s emotional needs
Ability to communicate an employer’s expectations, regarding how the client should dress (or behave) during interviews and on the job.

An orientation is required, and training will be provided. The ideal applicant will have some professional experience, as well as the ability to relate to and empathize with the clients.