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Meet Our Team

We are honored to have such a wonderful team of professional, supportive staff and board members, who are dedicated to Ritter Center’s mission of eradicating homelessness in Marin County and improving the health and well-being of our most vulnerable neighbors.

Our Staff

Mark Shotwell

Executive Director

Agustina Del Carril

Behavioural Health Therapist

Alec Bradbury

Family Nurse Practitioner

Alice Raschke

Director of Administrative Services

Aisha Patterson

Lead Medical Assistant

Andre Harris

Nurse Case Manager

Araceli Cortez

Medical Assistant

Benjamin Jumisko-Stein

Program Manager Case Management

Ben Ranghiasci

General Case Manager

Carolyn Jackson

Clinic Preceptor

Cheryl Reiss

PR Director

Christen Brunner

Advancement Associate

Colin Jablonski

Patient Navigator

Courtney Draper

Patient Services Representative

Dustin Jacobsen

Substance Use Counselor

Emmanuel Parakati

Chief Financial Officer

Erika Fuyo

Patients Accounts Billing and Benefits Manager

Heather Groninger

Human Resources Director

Ian Palmer

Whole Person Care Case Manager


Jessica Hansen

Interim Director of Development

Jorge Garcia

Client Services and Facilities Manager

Jody Kuehn


Karl Smith

Whole Person Care Case Manager

Kate Harle

Marketing Director

Kellie Walker

Operations Assistant

Kelley Penney

Administrative Assistant, Facilities

Kieawnie Clar

Medical Case Management

Kim Baenisch

Chief of Staff

Laurie Moss

Bookkeeper and Payroll Clerk

Leticia Gutierrez

Client Services Receptionist

Lily Brown

Whole Person Care Admininstrative Assistant

Lizzette Dukes-Blake

Behavioral Health Integration Specialist

Michael Beyer

Lead Whole Person Care Housing Case Manager

Nazareli Parra

Rental Assistance Navigator

Norma Brewer

Accounting Manager

Osiris Pineda

Clinical Coordinator

Paul Kiruuta

Family Nurse Practitioner

Rachelle Valenzuela

Clinic Manager

Romny French

Executive and HR Assistant

Rory Rieger

Behavioral Health Services Manager

Dr. Saima Firdoos

Chief Medical Officer

Sarina Senishen

Medical Assistant

Sehrish Kahn

Clinical Compliance Director.

Tammy Whiteduck

Senior Director of Housing Services and Case Management

Tyler Hummel

Client Navigator, Case Management

William Jensen

Housing Case Manager

Our Board of Directors

David Neagle

President of the Board of Directors

Tim Biddle


Carol Farrer


Margaret Trezevant

President Emeritus

Carol Angel
Rosalinda Camacho
Toni Doyle
Bettye Kray
Dan Masterson
Sean McConnell
Bob McKaskill
Mike Ralston
Stephanie Zimand Plexico

Join Our Team

Check out our job listings for at Ritter Center. In addition, we are always looking for volunteers.

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