Who We Serve

Ritter Center serves families and individuals in Marin County who are homeless or at-risk of becoming homeless. All of our clients fall well below the Marin County self-sufficiency standard for their household size. Despite their best efforts, many individuals and families struggle from paycheck to paycheck. They are food-insecure, unable to afford basic health care, and lack reliable transportation. Any unforeseen expense becomes a serious financial obstacle that threatens their ability to pay rent or put food on the table.

Some of our clients have disabling conditions that make it impossible for them to work. Others are elderly, on a fixed income, or struggle with substance use issues. From supportive housing and groceries, to health care and counseling services, Ritter Center provides the essential services they need to fill in the gaps.

In 2015, Ritter Center served 4,262 individuals in our community

59% of the individuals we served were not homeless, but needed help to remain housed. Of those 4,262 individuals, 542 were children, 520 were seniors, 7% were veterans, 20% had a disabling condition, and 18% were victims of domestic violence.

We provided 6,523 health center visits, as well as more than 1,500 therapy sessions. Our pantry distributed $770,000 in supplemental food  to individuals and families in need. Our Day Services Center provided 8,100 showers and 2,322 laundry appointments. We secured permanent housing for 203 individuals and provided permanent supportive housing subsidies to 22 formerly chronically homeless individuals. We placed 45 individuals in substance use treatment centers and provided substance use counseling for 24 individuals.

Without these Ritter Center services, many members of our community would not be able to get by.