Preventing homelessness in our community.

Who We Help

Each year, Ritter Center assists more than 4,000 people living in Marin County. We serve low-income and no-income individuals and families who are without a home or at-risk of becoming homeless.

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What We Accomplish

In 2015 alone, we secured permanent housing for 203 individuals and provided permanent supportive housing subsidies to 22 formerly chronically homeless individuals. We provided 6,523 health center visits, as well as more than 1,500 therapy sessions. Our pantry distributed $770,000 in supplemental food to needy individuals and families. 

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Our Programs

Our programs allow us to meet the demand for services among people who are currently homeless, at risk of becoming homeless or living in poverty. From basic health care to additional groceries, we help by connecting the pieces.  

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Our mission is to prevent homelessness and improve the health and well-being of individuals and families who are homeless or low-income by providing a range of culturally sensitive, easily accessible, high quality medical care and social services.


Connecting the Pieces for Health, Home & Community

In 2015 our pantry distributed 22,000 bags of groceries
In 2015 we provided services to 4,262 individuals in our community
In 2015 we provided 6,523 health center visits
In 2015 we provided $321,000 in financial assistance & housing subsidies

Jenny’s Story

Jenny works roughly 40 hours per week, but she has to cobble the hours together at three jobs…

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Paul’s Story

After years of hard work and planning…

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Shan’s Story

Shan is a single mom with two beautiful boys, Aaron, 7, and Isaac, 9…

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Helping Individuals and Families Find Their Way

We take a holistic, comprehensive approach with every client we serve. What do they need to make their lives whole again? How can we, along with other organizations and agencies, help them? What services and referrals can we offer?

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Our Health Center

Our Health Center allows us to provide primary health care services to individuals who otherwise could not afford it. Staffed by nurse practitioners, we offer preventative care as well as address urgent concerns. As part of our whole-person care approach, our behavioral health staff provides psychotherapy and substance use counseling on an ongoing and drop-in basis.

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How You Can Help

We have a dedicated group of volunteers, without whom we could not accomplish all that we do. There is always much work to be done, so additional volunteers are always welcome. We also welcome donations.

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We’d love to share our mission with you!