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Health Care

Providing Healthcare Access to the Underserved

Trauma to mental, emotional and physical health from life on the streets has a greater impact than anything else. At Ritter Center, we take a comprehensive, integrative approach to health care and focus on supporting the whole person.

By the numbers:


visits provided in 2020 by our medical and case management teams.


visits provided in 2020 by our behavioral health care team.


saved in hospital costs.


Delivering a Comprehensive, Integrative Approach to Wellness

At Ritter Center, we take a comprehensive, integrative approach to health care and focus on supporting the whole person. Our Health Center provides primary health care services to individuals who otherwise could not afford it, and every client receives a comprehensive treatment plan. Our medical practitioners provide preventative care and address urgent concerns. Rory Rieger, MA, CADC-II, CCTP manages our behavioral health team to provide psychiatry, psychotherapy, and substance use counseling.


Medical Health

Ritter Center’s medical practitioners provide skilled checkups and preventative care for our clients such as cancer screenings, and treat chronic diseases like hypertension, diabetes, and asthma.

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Behavioral Health Care

Through tailored, patient-centered care our behavioral health therapists help clients feel safe and welcome to help them address issues from addiction to anxiety and improve their mental health and wellbeing.

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COVID-19 Vaccines & Testing

COVID-19 vaccinations and tests are available for REGISTERED Ritter Center clients who live or work in Marin County and are ages 18+. They take place at our campus at 16 Ritter St., San Rafael. By appointment only.

Medical Outreach Team

Our Medical Outreach Team brings our trusted healthcare and treatment via our new street medicine van to unsheltered communities and those unable to travel throughout Marin County. More info and our schedule coming soon!

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Dental Services

While Ritter Center does not provide onsite dental services, we do take dental care seriously and include it in our comprehensive treatment plans if needed working with Marin Community Clinics to connect you with oral health specialists.

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Need primary medical care?

If you’re looking for a primary healthcare provider and you have Medi-Cal, Medicare, are uninsured or undocumented, please call our team about registering as a Ritter Center patient.