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Make a plan to increase your impact

Whether you’d like to put your donation to work today or benefit Ritter Center after your lifetime, your planned philanthropy will leave a legacy for generations to come, continuing your support to end and prevent homelessness well into the future.

If you would like to make a lasting impact, here are several gift planning options to consider. 

Gifts through your estate

You can add Ritter Center as a beneficiary of your estate, insurance policies, or bank accounts and CDs.

Gifts that provide Income

Several giving vehicles, like charitable gift annuities, are a great way to provide income for Ritter Center and you! 

More ways to give

Read about IRA distribution, gifts of real estate, donor advised funds and more.

Casa Azul: Planned Giving Society

People who want to help those experiencing homelessness and poverty often choose to support Ritter Center through planned giving, which includes giving through bequests, trusts, annuities, real property, and insurance policies.  

While planned gifts often do not happen during their lifetime, through forward-thinking, planned gift donors can ensure that their support continues as far into the future as possible. 

Journey to the Casa Azul 

Over the years, Central and South American immigrants making their way to San Rafael were advised to go to “the blue house,” or Casa Azul, when they arrived with no place to stay and few personal belongings. It was here they would find assistance with food, housing, health services, and more, as they began their new lives. 

Although our casa is now amarillo (yellow), Casa Azul is still synonymous with Ritter Center, our mission as a place to find help, and our long-standing reputation as a beacon of hope. 

Become a Member of Our Casa Azul Society

When you notify us that you’ve named Ritter Center as a beneficiary of your estate or another type of planned gift, you automatically become a member of Sociedad Casa Azu / Casa Azul Society. Beginning in 2023, the group will receive special communications, invitations to annual private events with special guests, and recognition in perpetuity as an eternal member of Sociedad Casa Azu / Casa Azul Society

What is a Planned Gift?

For those who wish to make the greatest impact and may not be in the position to make a larger gift to Ritter Center, they can commit to a gift from their estate or split-income gift, making them a member of Sociedad Casa Azul. At least once per year, beginning in 2023, this group will enjoy an annual gathering, special communications, and unique recognition throughout the year, as well as in perpetuity as an eternal member of Casa Azul.

A few ways you can join Casa Azul Society:

  • Name Ritter Center in your will;

  • Make Ritter Center a beneficiary of an insurance policy or trust; or

  • Create a charitable gift annuity to generate income for you and Ritter Center.

Discuss planned gift options

For more information about the Casa Azul Society or to advise us that you’ve named Ritter Center in your estate plans or planned gift, please contact Annie Everett at (415) (415) 847-8043, or [email protected].  


Make an Online Donation

Together, we can provide our most vulnerable neighbors the critical support they need during this health and economic crisis.