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Registration Info for Holiday Programs

Holiday Programs Overview

During the holiday season, we run a fundraising campaign called Hope for the Holidays. This campaign raises hundreds of thousands of dollars to support our health, housing, and social assistance services and fully fund three of our Seasonal Programs; Thanksgiving Meal Kit program, Family-to-Family Holiday Gift Card program, and the Holiday Meal for our clients experiencing homelessness. We ask our community of donors and partners to make a  donation online or via the mail. With these funds, we purchase food, personal care items, and gift cards for registered families and individuals and create events for our clients to collect their items and enjoy some holiday cheer. 

Dates of Events 2023:

  • 🦃​ Thanksgiving Meal Kit Collection Day: ** NEW DATE **, Friday, November 17th 9am – 2pm, Ritter Center
  • 🎄Family Holiday Gift Card Pick-Up Event: Monday, December 11th 9am – 2pm, Ritter Center
  • 🍽​ Holiday Meal for Clients Experiencing Homelessness: Monday, December 18th 4pm -6pm, First Presbyterian Church, 1510 Fifth Ave. San Rafael

Registration & Eligibility:

All clients and patients who would like to take part in our seasonal programs register in the Food Pantry. 

If you are a registered client of Ritter Center and have been using our services for at least 30 days, you are automatically eligible but you still need to register/sign up separately for our Thanksgiving Meal Kits and Family to Family Holiday Gift Card Programs. No registration needed to attend our Holiday Meal for clients experiencing homelessness.

Not a Current Ritter Center Client?

If you are not a client of Ritter Center and you need any of our other services like our Food Pantry, you can register to be a client. We will then be able to see if your needs can be covered by our programs and services in our area.

Registration happens through the Food Pantry for the first time anyone ever comes to our services. If, as a new client, you are eligible to receive food pantry services, you will be eligible for our seasonal programs.

Thanksgiving Meal Kits

  • Thanksgiving Sign Up: REGISTRATION NOW CLOSED. We have 170 Meal Kits available and all spots have been taken.
  • EVENT DATE: NEW DATE – FRIDAY NOV. 17th, 9am – 2pm, Ritter Center 
  • MISSED PICK UP: Those that don’t pick up their Thanksgiving Meal kit on Nov 17th can collect it from the Food Pantry on MONDAY, Nov 20, 9am – 2pm
  • WAITLIST: No official waitlist. If we have meal kits left over, on a first-come, first-served basis, families can pick up turkeys and a bag of sides on TUESDAY, Nov 21, during regular Food Pantry hours.
  • WHAT CLIENTS RECEIVE: Registered individuals and families will receive a frozen turkey and dried/canned goods to create side dishes and dessert. Fresh produce can be collected from the Food Pantry as usual.

Family Holiday Gift Card Programs:

  • Family Gift Card Sign Up: Open Nov 17th – Dec 10th (will close earlier if sign ups max out)
    • Families must register themselves and their children individually and show proof of children’s age and address when registering.
    • Children must be under 18 and living in the household to be eligible for this program.
    • For proof of child’s age and address, a medical card or a passport is sufficient.
    • Every family member will be listed individually for tracking/accounting purposes.
  • EVENT DATE: Monday, December 11th, 9am – 2pm, Ritter Center 
  • MISSED PICK UP: Those that don’t pick up their Gift Cards on Dec 11th can pick them up from the Food Pantry that week during regular Food Pantry hours.
  • WAITLIST: Currently no waitlist planned as this sells out.
    • Registered Individuals (seniors, veterans, people experiencing homelessness) will receive a $100 Safeway gift card.
    • Registered Ritter Center Families (already clients at Ritter Center over 30 days) will receive a $100 Target gift card per household and a $50 Target gift card for each child under 18 living in the household.
    • Unregistered Families (not current clients) can still sign up for this program but receive less than pre-existing Ritter Center registered families. Unregistered families receive $50 per child under 18 in the household. No household allocation. Unregistered families will receive Target OR Safeway gift cards depending on what’s left.

Holiday Meal For Clients Experiencing Homelessness:

  • EVENT DATE: Monday, December 18th 4pm – 6pm, First Presbyterian Church, 1510 Fifth Ave. San Rafael
    • This is a sit-down meal for our unsheltered clients. We will be providing freshly cooked hot lunch, dessert, and hot and cold drinks.
    • We will also be providing coats, a sleeping bag, backpack, and care packages containing hygiene kits, socks, a hat, a scarf and/or gloves.

If you have any questions about our programs and registration please contact Client Services Coordinator, Addison Luong at 415-457-8182 ext. #109 or email [email protected]

Give Hope for the Holidays to local families and individuals in need. Your support funds our 2021 seasonal holiday programs and provides vital support for our health and social services for the coming year.