Serving Those Who Otherwise Could Not Afford Health Care

Ritter Center Health Center provides primary health care services to individuals who otherwise could not afford it. We take a comprehensive, integrative approach to health care. Every client receives a comprehensive treatment plan. Our Health Center is staffed by nurse practitioners, enabling us to offer preventative care as well as address urgent concerns. Our behavioral health staff provides substance use counseling, as well as ongoing and drop-in therapy.

Primary Medical Care

On average, we serve 25 individuals each day. Our nurse practitioners provide skilled checkups and preventative care for our clients, often treating chronic diseases, such as hypertension, diabetes and asthma. Whenever our clients need help from a specialist, we provide referrals to medical professionals in the community and then oversee their ongoing treatment via a nurse case manager.

Ritter Center is a State of California Licensed Community clinic and Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC). This means that we are able to offer our services to all people, regardless of their ability to pay. For anyone whose income is below the poverty line, our services are free. Individuals with incomes between 101% and 200% of the Federal Poverty Line must be charged, using a sliding fee scale, with discounts based on family size and income. FQHCs qualify for enhanced reimbursement through Federal funding.

Behavioral Health Counseling

For some of our clients, psychotherapy is part of their comprehensive treatment plan. Our therapists meet with clients to review how therapy works, make clients feel safe and welcome, so clients may better work on their personal goals. In our counseling clinic we address many issues: illness, anxiety, trauma, depression, bipolar illness, addiction, loss, grief, pain, relationship issues. Psychotherapy at Ritter Center includes scheduled, weekly sessions; clients are also seen on a drop-in basis.

Outpatient Substance Use Treatment

Ritter Center provides person-centered care by offering ongoing and drop-in substance use counseling and treatment. Our Alcohol and Other Drugs case managers can make referrals to substance use treatment programs in and outside of the county.

Transition to Wellness

Often times, when one of our clients is hospitalized due to surgery or illness, they don’t have an adequate place to rest and recuperate. Ritter Center has partnered with Marin General, Novato Community Hospital and Homeward Bound to address this situation. Homeless hospital patients are discharged by their treating doctors to “medical respite beds” at Homeward Bound where they can recuperate, while also getting the medical care they need from our Ritter Center nurse practitioners.


Although we do not provide onsite dental services, we take dental care into consideration in our comprehensive treatment plans. We are currently working with the Marin Community Clinics to offer access to dental care for our patients. Our clinical staff makes the appropriate referrals and then follows up with our clients to ensure that they’ve taken all of the necessary steps before and after their appointments, including access to transportation and therapy, if needed.