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Sehrish Khan returns to Ritter Center in a new role!

August 29th, 2022

Sehrish Khan returns to Ritter Center in a new role!

Sehrish Khan has a new role at Ritter Center. Formerly the Quality Improvement Manager, she has become the new Clinical Compliance Director.

“I grew up in Sacramento, and moved to the Bay Area to pursue a Bachelor’s in Political Science from San Jose State University. Soon after I received a Master’s in Public Health from Touro University with an emphasis in community health. I am thrilled to take on this new and exciting role as I have so many perspectives to bring within this capacity. The new role is a combination of overseeing clinical operations, compliance, and quality improvement,” said Sehrish Khan.

“There is so much going on in the health care community and larger world right now. What comes to mind for example is Monkeypox. We can be proactive with our patient population working in tandem with Marin County, the health protocols and guidelines, and the need for vaccines on-site and in the field. We can raise awareness about this critical public health crisis and work to erase the stigma around it,” said Sehrish Khan.

“Equally important, at Ritter Center, we believe that health care is a human right: everyone should have access to the health care services they need, and abortion is an essential component of health care. Further, everyone should be entitled to control their own health and body, including having access to sexual and reproductive information and services.”

“Ritter Center wants the community at large to know we are here for women’s health, women’s rights, and reproductive rights.”

“Ritter Center provides pap smears and refers patients out for breast exams and mammograms. For contraception, we provide birth control and condoms. For abortion, obstetrical-gynecological and pre-natal care, we refer our patients to trusted community health partners.”

“Importantly, we are particularly sensitive to our female patients who have had trauma. We make sure a female staff member is present during Pap smears, for example. We also provide support and comfort to encourage the practice of Pap smears before, during and after the procedure,” said Sehrish Khan.

“Mental health is another huge area of emphasis for our team right now. By this, I am not only referring to the incredible work we do to provide the best possible mental health care for our patients. I am also talking about our own Ritter Center team’s mental health care. The work is exhausting by its nature alone. So we must be particularly careful with our own self-care. In order to maintain good mental health, it’s important to unplug and spend time with your family. I encourage employees to have healthy work life boundaries. That can be particularly challenging with technology. If you can answer the email tomorrow, I suggest doing so. You don’t have to answer a non-urgent email at 11pm. Otherwise, the work day will never end. Take time off. Be with your kids. This type of work requires a healthy culture. Lead by example. As leaders, if we don’t do it, then our staff won’t do it.  It requires a culture shift. Otherwise, we can get burned out,” says Sehrish Khan.

“One of the best aspects of working at Ritter Center for me is the small size of our team. I like small organizations. It enables us to feel extra connected to both our community and our patients.”

“What I also really love about working at Ritter Center is seeing the outcomes. I can see the work that I did really helped my patient. This holds true here even when working with data.”

“Implementing studies and improving the health of our patients can happen here in real time.  This is a unique population to work with and I value it greatly. It drives me. Always having to be innovative keeps me enjoying my work. The most important thing here is convincing our clients that they need support. I am close to patients and know them,” said Sehrish Khan.

“That’s the beauty of Ritter Center. Although they are challenged by the intense nature of the work, our staff is so compassionate, and they bring that passion with them to work every single day!”

Welcome back Sehrish! We are thrilled you are part of our team again!